"Beyond anything I've  ever felt before"
Adam is a builder and amateur dressage rider that competes at the Prix St George level at home in Canada. After learning about the purebred Spanish horses (also in some countries called Andalusians), he fell in love with their beauty. Closing his eyes, he made a wish that he would one day ride one. As he planned a trip over to Europe together with the family, he contacted us to see if we could set up a clinic for him on one of our top horses.
Sitting up, it didn't take long until that magical "connection" happened. As the connection deepened improved, the quality of the exercises improved too. Soon he was doing the advanced exercises as if he'd done nothing else in his life.
Sitting off, Adam was all smiles, commenting that the connection to the horse he had experienced while riding was "beyond anything he'd ever felt before". See what Adam had to say in the short video clip below!

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