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"One should never have to sacrifice functionality for beauty. This is the heart of our philosophy, and it is built into everything we do."
Founder Valentina with a group of young PRE stallions
Founded by Swedish-born Valentina Aasa in 2012, CavalReal is a small team of equestrian professionals dedicated to the breeding and selection of quality PRE dressage horses.
In a spirit of celebrating and honouring the Spanish heritage, we care deeply about safeguarding the breed's noble character, while developing the type of movements and functionality that is required of the modern-day dressage horse. We aim for mentally and physically strong horses that are naturally sane and healthy. 
On our journey of creating a line of athletic PRE horses suitable for dressage, we enjoy working with people that are simliar to our horses: Honest, transparent, serious and devoted. Rather than trying to deal with everyone, we believe in building good relations over time with a small and select number of clients, riders, breeders and other breed professionals.
Proudly made in Spain since centuries, our horses inspire us to give our best every day. We invite you to come experience the universe of the PRE dressage horse with us. 

Dressage PRE Alcázar Real 8 years © Valentina CR 2022

Modern Horses with a Classic Touch
Even as early as in the Roman days, horses bred on the river banks of the Guadalquivír were famous for their bravery, beauty and nobility. Throughout our known history, emperors, kings and nobility have all prized the Spanish horse for its many exceptional qualities.
In Spain, the breed is popular as elegant and strong carriage horses, and is still to our days a breed of choice in managing live stock in the fields. With speed, fortitude and intelligence, the horse maneuvers the bulls in close union with the “vaquero” (Spanish cowboy). With fast and razor sharp reflexes, they masterfully avoid the sharp horns of the temperamental and unpredictable bulls.
Because of its versatility, athleticism, temperament and noble character, the purebred Spanish horse has been used to create horse breeds such as the Neapolitan horse, Groningen, Lippizaner, Kladruper, Hanoverian, Holstein, East Friesian, Oldenburg, Friesian, Gelderland, Frederiksborg, Knabstrupper and Azteca.

The Spanish Horse of Today
These days, horse lovers from all over the world have come to appreciate the purebred Spanish horse for its temperament, kindness and willing, loving nature. The beautiful, healthy and athletic PRE horse of today is the result of hundreds of years of successful breeding.
Purebred Spanish horses are found in small numbers throughout the world, and the PRE breed is increasingly in demand by dressage riders worldwide. It has become popular among riders who want an athletic horse who is safe, comfortable and fun to ride, and that offer a unique sense of connection to the rider, and lots of enjoyment. Riding and training can be fun, even in the competition arena.
Because of its distinct and unique origins, the PRE horse of today does not have the exceptionally tall size or big and ample movements of the mainstream dressage breeds. But for anyone who is looking for an athletic, kind and noble equestrian partner, there are few breeds can compete with the purebred Spanish horse.
Horse of Kings: The Purebred Spanish horse was the horse of choice among the most prestigious royal houses in the 16th and 17th century. For example, king Charles XIII) of Sweden received a purebred Spanish horse as a gift from his cousin, Catherine II of Russia, also known as "Catherine the Great". Her mother Johanna Elisabet of Holstein-Gottorp, was a sister of king Adolf Fredrik, father of Charles XIII.
Catherine the Great mounted on her Spanish horse Brillante in Life Guard Uniform. c.1782, oil on canvas by Vigilius Eriksen (1722-1782)
Something About the Purebred Spanish Horse
– The official breed name is Pura Raza Española (PRE) 
– The breed is also known as Andalusian horse 
The terms “PRE”, “Pura Raza Española”, “PRE Andalusian” and “Purebred Spanish horse” are all names for the same breed. A horse that is called an "Andalusian" may or may not be a purebred Spanish horse. The only horses that are considered purebred Spanish are those that are registered in the official international breed registry, ANCCE.

The CavalReal Stud Farm | Yeguada CavalReal
When the CavalReal project launched in 2012, quality PRE dressage horses were very hard to come by. Common problems were lack of strength, stamina, drive and the type movements that are required of modern sport horses. PRE dressage horses of good size, and with three (not one or two...) good gaits were difficult to find for the discerning dressage rider. There were also many common problems in the conformation, such as too heavy or short necks, "falling" crests, e t c. 

CavalReal and Fer Bulería, the Spanish Grand Champion
The CavalReal foundation stallion is Fer Bulería, one of the formidable and world famous Ferrero horses. 
We selected Fer Bulería not only for his exceptional functionality and radiant presence in the competition arena, but also for his character; the great nobility, generosity and kindness toward us human beings that he radiates at each instance. With a rider on his back, Fer Bulería transmits a strong and deep feeling of connection and union with the individual.
Fer Bulería is the father of the first six generations of CavalReal offspring. ​​​​​​​
Here below you can see a selection of videos showing some of the history, character and versatility of the purebred Spanish horse (PRE). 
World Equestrian Games 2010: PRE Stallion Fuego XII & Juan Manuel Muños Diaz, members of the Spanish Olympic team
"Horse of Kings, Thief of Hearts" describing some of the spirit of the purebred Spanish horse
Purebred Spanish horses trained and ridden in the classical way  at the "Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre" in Andalusia, Southern Spain
Black PRE stallion in a classy Hermès ad: "Hermès: Cavalier Noir"
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