PRE Champion Lines for Dressage, Movement and Functionality

PRE Grand Champion Stallion Fer Bulería, 20 yrs | Photo by Valentina CR © CavalReal


Yeguada CavalReal selected the Spanish Grand Champion stallion Fer Bulería as the foundation stallion for the dressage horse breeding program. 
Fer Bulería is one of the illustrious, famous and highly respected sons of the legendary MAÑOSO II of world famous Yeguada Ferrero. His mother Kanaka III is the mother of many exceptional SICAB (*) Spanish Movement Champions.
In the current panorama, Fer Bulería is of the most complete PRE stallions, as he has the capacity to bring all the benefits of his functionality, movements, beauty and character to the mare. He transmits the noble character, always forward-moving positive energy, overall correct and excellent conformation and the type of movements in all three gaits that are required of today's dressage horses.
Starting his dressage training late, he was nevertheless trained up to Prix St George / Grand Prix together with the Spanish elite dressage rider Carlos Torrell. At the time, Fer Bulería's owner chose a career in Morphology (breed championships) rather than FEI dressage. As the Movement and Functionality Grand Champion (breed championships) that he turned out to be across his career, he has been ridden five days per week by professional riders over the many years of his illustrious career.
Fer Bulería joined Yeguada CavalReal as the stud foundation stallion in 2012. In 2021, he moved from Andalusia, Spain to serve as a stud stallion for Swedish PRE mares.

Apart from serving all his life as an elite PRE stud stallion, Fer Bulería's tremendous vitality, excellent health, physical strength, willingness of character, class and charisma (called "duende" in Spain) has served him so well across the years that he started competing in FEI dressage with a Swedish Junior rider even at the advanced age of 23 years.
The Fer Bulería offspring, in alphabetical order
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Aurora Real (Fer Bulería x Gala VG, Yeguada CavalReal 2014)
Alpha Real (Fer Bulería x Gramola, Yeguada CavalReal 2014)
Alcázar Real (Fer Bulería x Hechizo VG, Yeguada CavalReal 2014)
Atila Real (Fer Bulería x Esmeralda, Yeguada CavalReal 2014)
Africano Real (Fer Bulería x Inducida IV, Yeguada CavalReal 2014)

Bulería "Bambú" Real (Fer Bulería x Hiedra VG, Yeguada CavalReal 2015)
Bolero Real (Fer Bulería x Hechizo VG, Yeguada CavalReal 2015)
Bohemia Real (Fer Bulería x Gala VG, Yeguada CavalReal 2015)
Bulgaria Real (Fer Bulería x Controlada VG, Yeguada CavalReal 2015)

Calypso Real (Fer Bulería x Hechizo VG, Yeguada CavalReal 2015)
Condesa Real (Fer Bulería x Gramola, Yeguada CavalReal 2016)

Dominante Real (Fer Bulería x Gala VG, Yeguada CavalReal 2017)

Occasionally, we have added other highly functional and merited PRE stallions to the program, to determine the impact on our broodmares.

These stallions are:

– The international FEI Grand Prix horse Atiza II, also Spanish Breed Champion of SICAB (*) (father of Farido Real)

– The successful and exceptionally tall Grand Prix horse Veterano VI (famous Bohorquez line, father of Electra Real)

– Spanish Breed Grand Champion Fantasmon (Yeguada Militar military stud farm line, father of Sueca III)

– Spanish Breed Grand Champion Mariscal XLIX, also a PSG horse (father of Capritx, grandfather of Aurora Real, Bohemia RealDominante Real 

– Sensational mover Trajano IV (famous Guardiola line, father of Creativa Real)

The offspring from these lines are:
Sueca III (Fantasmon x Gramola, Yeguada CavalReal 2012)
Capritx (Mariscal XLIX x Controlada VG, Yeguada CavalReal 2013)
Aurora Real (Fer Bulería x Gala VG, Yeguada CavalReal 2014)
Bohemia Real (Fer Bulería x Gala VG, Yeguada CavalReal 2015)
Dominante Real (Fer Bulería x Gala VG, Yeguada CavalReal 2017)
Electra Real (Veterano VI x Gramola, Yeguada CavalReal 2018)
Farido Real 2019 (Atiza II x Hiedra VG, Yeguada CavalReal 2019)

Atiza II Champion of Spain SICAB © Solera Bravo
Atiza II Champion of Spain SICAB © Solera Bravo
Veterano VI © Juan Vazquez
Veterano VI © Juan Vazquez
Fantasmon © Yeguada Diabolo
Fantasmon © Yeguada Diabolo
Mariscal XLIX © Velasco Gonzales
Mariscal XLIX © Velasco Gonzales
Trajano IV & Angel Dorado © Yegada BRH
Trajano IV & Angel Dorado © Yegada BRH
(*) What is SICAB?
SICAB, the International Purebred Spanish Horse Trade Fair is the most important simple of PRE Horses in the world. It has been held in the city of Sevilla (Spain) since 1991, which makes it a reference on the national and international equestrian scene as it brings together PRE breeders and owners from more than sixty (60) countries.

SICAB is held annually during the third week of November. More than a thousand Purebred Spanish Horses from more than 300 national and international stud farms are entered in the many categories. Throughout the week, more than 200,000 people come to venue, which in turn, generate wealth for the city of Sevilla, thus making this experience the third most important event held in the city, behind Easter Week and the April Fair.

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