Calypso Real 2 years © Valentina CavalReal 2018
Calypso Real (Fer Bulería x Hechizo VG, CavalReal 2016). Pura Raza Española Colt

Calypso Real, a son of Fer Bulería, is a tall, beautiful and well-mannered PRE colt with good movements in three gaits. He has a long walk, a good trot and a powerful, airy canter. Both in the stable and in all kinds of handling, his character is calm, polite, kind, silent and respectful. Great ground manners and no vices. 
Color: Grey
Recommended for FEI dressage or PRE breeding.
Calypso Real 2 years © VCR 2018
Calypso Real 2 years © VCR 2018
PRE bloodlines: Marin García and Guardiola
Calypso's Famous Father 
Calypso's father is Fer Bulerí­a (Kanaka III x Mañoso II, Yeguada Ferrero), Reserve Champion of Spain. An Absolute Champion of Functionality, Absolute Champion of Movements and an Absolute Champion of the Breed, Fer Bulería is the winner of over forty medals in Spanish breed championships. Although his carreer has been within the Breed / Morphology scene, he has competed in FEI dressage and is the only champion stallion of the exceptional Ferrero line that is training at the Grand Prix level. A spirited, energetic and fun horse to ride, he has a huge and generous heart, and is always very willing with his rider; something which the leading Spanish professionals that have been training with him always univocally profess.
Fer Bulerí­a is a complete and extremely functional PRE stallion typically transmits his huge heart, generous character and expressive, elastic movements in all three gaits to his offspring. A long walk, beautiful trot, excellent canter and absolutely without any winging/dishing ("campaneo" a common fault in the PRE breed), as well as strong and healthy constitution is typical for his offspring.
Calypso's Mother
Calypso's mother Hechizo VG (Joyero x Venezolana II) is together with her sister 
 Hiedra VG one of our best-moving mares, which is no wonder as they both are of the exceptional Joyero (Corinto X x Joyera XI) PRE dressage line. 
International Grand Prix star Joyero is...
– 2 x Reserve Champion of Spain (SICAB 2016, 2017)
– The only PRE that competed in the Young Horse Championship in Ermelo 2018
– Together with Curioso JLE, the only PRE that competed in the 2018 World Equestrian Games in Tryon, France.
Calypso Real & Swedish PRE expert Sara Hedberg © Valentina CavalReal 2018
Calypso Real & Swedish PRE expert Sara Hedberg © Valentina CavalReal 2018
 Sisters & Brothers

Alpha Real (Fer BuleríaGramola), CavalReal 2014
Aurora Real (Fer BuleríaGala VG), CavalReal 2014
Alcázar "El Tigre" Real (Fer BuleríaHechizo VG), CavalReal 2014 (full brother)
Atila Real (Fer Bulería x Esmeralda CXXXV), CavalReal 2014
Bolero Real (Fer BuleríaHechizo VG), CavalReal 2015 (full brother)
Bohemia Real (Fer BuleríaGala VG), CavalReal 2015
Condesa Real (Fer BuleríaGramola), CavalReal 2016
Dominante Real (Fer BuleríaGala VG), CavalReal 2017
Electra Real (Fer Bulería x Veterano VI), CavalReal 2018

Calypso Real, PRE Andalusian stallion, 2 years/años. © CavalReal

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